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SWS is a boutique consultancy specialized in practical diagnostics and proper execution of projects and initiatives that focus on both growth and building tangible value. Our clients are global players as well as local leaders that seek strong positions in their markets and industries. We are experts in planning, corporate communications, structural design, executive search, digital transformation, accountability, e-commerce, and marketing.







We develop—and drive—plans to revolutionize outcomes for retail and e-commerce clients, optimizing customer experience, team skills, internal organization, applied technology and growth strategies.


We manage critical projects that impact financial outcomes and key indicators. We operate as your “remote office,” focused on disruptive projects and closely monitoring outcomes from everyday operations.


We design and carry out business-margin growth initiatives by optimizing resources, processes, data-visualization and tech tools.


We design and carry out reputation and positioning projects for internal and external audiences that feature performance indicators, processes, clear goals and highly productive, efficient structures.


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Managing Partner & Founder

Juan boasts 30+ years’ experience as an operator, startup founder, consultant, board member, entrepreneur and venture capitalist within leading companies in Mexico, the US and Germany. Throughout his career, Juan has worked for global companies such as Bertelsmann AG and Televisa, he has build successful companies like the eCommerce player Submarino, a headhunting company People@, the consulting business SWS and the venture fund RiseCapital Latam. Other milestones include his presidency of the Mexican chapter of the IAB, Board memberships of publicly traded Entravision (EVC), Travesias Media, Recorcholis, Metro International, Ambulante and Save the Children and ITAM-EPIC among other. Juan offers solid business head experience, entrepreneurship, consulting and operational experience that enables future business planning and exclusion capabilities. Juan holds a BA in economics from Mexico’s ITAM University and an MBA from the IESE Business School in Barcelona.



Mayela has been working in the retail industry for 20 years. During the past three years she has been fully immersed in eCommerce for Walmart Mexico. Here she has had several assignments being her most recent successful project the creation and launching of the Marketplace. This new business model creation involved breaking paradigms where instead of buying inventory, suppliers become partners and sell directly to customers through the platform as third parties. In the first year of operation, this business model has gotten to represent 15% of business with over 550 suppliers now active.


Paula has over 12 years’ experience designing and implementing business strategies for the public and private sectors in Mexico and the US. Particular areas of expertise include mergers and acquisitions, governance-structure and accountability-processes design. Her experience include 5 years at Ainda, a leading consulting boutique firm in Mexico, where she worked on a wide range of projects designed to tackle public-sector energy and transportation challenges. Paula holds a B.Sc. in Applied Mathematics from ITAM (Mexico).


With a solid background in project development, financial and operational analysis, entrepreneurship in various businesses, technical sales, publishing, and economic diplomacy, Alejandro is a leader with extensive business case analytical skills. He has a diploma in accounting and finance from ITAM University in Mexico City and speaks five languages. He is 53 years old and lives in Mexico City with his wife and two children.



For more than 18 years, Montserrat Martínez has collaborated as head of planning and development in positioning strategies and branding for companies in media communication, financial sectors, digital entrepreneurships and ecommerce in the US, Mexico, and Latin American markets. Montserrat has elaborated and defined various communication strategies, content, commercialization and alliances within several multi channel platforms such as: Grupo Expansión, Bbmundo from Media Marketing Knowledge Group, Todobebé part of the radio and television corporation Entravision USA and the internal platform for Metlife Mexico/Latin America.


Associate at SWS, CEO and Founder at People@. With 20+ years of experience in the consulting, media and cultural industries, María has been involved in the strategic development and launch of several startups (The Pool, Boletia, Lina Salud, People@, Vitral Magazine), and worked at leading finance, cultural and media institutions, offering her widespread expertise in project management and platforms innovation. In addition to her entrepreneurial experience, Maria had the opportunity to work for seven years as Project Manager at Rothschild Bank and Banco Bankaool. María holds a B.A. and an M.A. in International Business Management from ITAM (Mexico) as well as a second M.A. in Psychology from the ITREM.





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